Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Son's Career Choice

Just had to share this gem today...

Yesterday, Caleb and I were sitting on the front patio talking about deep subjects and watching Elvis the Duck waddle around the yard. Caleb said that he had decided on the perfect job for his future.

Caleb: I want to have a motorbike with a toolbox on the back. I'll ride around in different countries taking Bibles to villages where they don't have them, and I'll preach the gospel. I'll trust God to provide for my needs, and if I need to work for gas or to buy more Bibles, I'll stop somewhere and pull out my toolbox and just do what people need done. I can fix their tools, or do metal-work or build stuff...just whatever needs to be done, y'know?

Me: Wow, Caleb. I can totally see you doing that. It sounds like a great plan.

Caleb was silent for a moment and then said: Mom, I just told you that I want to be a vagabond when I grow up and you said, "That's great." I love my parents.

Yes, I laughed, too.